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Dune Zink Mobile Home

Contemporary Home with Continues Roof to Wall Feature in Zink.


  • Raised Tie Sheet Metal Roof and Walls

In the mobile home industry, one constant goal is to provide ever-better value for money for the customer. One mobile home manufacturer that has been at the forefront of this drive is Habitat Mobile Homes Ltd, who have just released their latest model: the Dune Sink. The Raised Tie Sheet Metal Roof and Walls. This mobile home features a number of technical innovations that make it an excellent choice for the discerning customer.

The most obvious of these is the raised tie sheet metal or sink sheet roof and walls. This gives the mobile home greater rigidity and strength, making it better able to withstand the elements. In addition, the raised tie sheet metal roof and walls also provide better insulation than traditional mobile homes, keeping the inside cooler in summer and warmer in winter. As a result, the mobile home will be more comfortable to live in all year round.

In addition to the improved strength and insulation provided by the raised tie sheet metal roof and walls, Habitat Mobile Homes have also included a number of other features that make this mobile home an excellent choice. These include high-quality windows and doors, durable flooring, and attractive finishes inside and out. When taken together, these features make the Raised Tie Sheet Metal Roof and Walls one of the best mobile homes on the market today.