Pre-Fab Houses

Pre-Fabricated Houses

Yes! me make prefabricated houses ! We create custom-made prefabricated homes and various shapes and sizes of timber frame structures. Each design is tailored to our clients' requirements, produced in our UK-based facility, and shipped and assembled across the country. Bespoke Timber Frame Buildings Made to Order. Please explore our design collections below, and we hope they inspire you to envision your dream home!

Timber Frame House
Timber Frame House Finished

Discover the perfect blend of comfort, style, and sustainability with our diverse range of expertly crafted timber frame structures, designed to bring your dream home to life while prioritising eco-friendliness and quality.

Habitat Mobile Homes Ltd: Revolutionising Affordable Housing in the UK

Habitat Mobile Homes Ltd, a UK-based company, is at the forefront of providing affordable, high-quality prefabricated housing kits for self-builders and developers. Their innovative approach to housing combines the best of modern design, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness. This article explores how Habitat Mobile Homes Ltd is revolutionising the UK housing market with their range of prefabricated homes and timber frame buildings, all manufactured in the UK and delivered nationwide.

Established with the goal of addressing the UK's housing crisis, Habitat Mobile Homes Ltd is committed to offering affordable and sustainable housing solutions. The company specialises in designing and manufacturing prefabricated housing kits and timber frame buildings that cater to various budgets, tastes, and requirements.

Habitat Mobile Homes Ltd understands that the construction industry can contribute significantly to environmental issues. Therefore, they have chosen to focus on timber frame buildings – a construction method that has a lower carbon footprint and is more environmentally friendly than traditional brick and mortar construction.

Affordable Prefabricated Housing Kits

One of the key aspects that set Habitat Mobile Homes Ltd apart from other housing providers is their dedication to affordability. The company recognises the growing need for reasonably priced homes in the UK, particularly for first-time buyers and self-builders. Their range of prefabricated housing kits is designed to accommodate various budgets without compromising on quality, style, or sustainability.

Each housing kit is thoughtfully designed and incorporates modern design elements that cater to the needs of today's homeowners. These kits provide a solid foundation for self-builders to create their dream homes while saving time and money on traditional construction costs.

Timber Frame Buildings: Low Cost, High Quality

In addition to their prefabricated housing kits, Habitat Mobile Homes Ltd offers a selection of timber frame buildings that are both cost-effective and high-quality. Timber frame construction is known for its versatility, durability, and energy efficiency. By embracing this construction method, Habitat Mobile Homes Ltd ensures that their clients benefit from a more affordable and sustainable building solution.

Timber frame buildings also boast quicker construction times compared to traditional methods, resulting in reduced labor costs and minimised disruption to the surrounding environment. The precision-engineered components are manufactured in the company's UK-based facility, ensuring top-notch quality and adherence to stringent industry standards.

Nationwide Delivery and Support

Habitat Mobile Homes Ltd takes pride in its ability to deliver prefabricated housing kits and timber frame buildings to customers all across the UK. The company's extensive delivery network ensures timely and efficient transportation of their products, making it convenient for self-builders and developers to embark on their construction projects without delay.

Moreover, the company provides comprehensive support to its clients throughout the construction process. From initial consultation to design customisation, and from delivery to assembly, Habitat Mobile Homes Ltd is committed to assisting their customers every step of the way. This hands-on approach ensures a seamless and stress-free experience for those looking to build their dream homes.

Habitat Mobile Homes Ltd is a game-changer in the UK housing market. With their focus on affordability, sustainability, and quality, the company is making a significant impact on the lives of self-builders and developers across the country. By offering prefabricated housing kits and timber frame buildings made in the UK and delivered nationwide, Habitat Mobile Homes Ltd is proving that stylish, comfortable, and eco-friendly homes can be accessible to everyone.