New Designs – Corinthian Lodge

The "Corinthian Lodge Range": Where Classical Meets Contemporary!

Step right up and prepare to be enthralled! Let's take a journey through time, blending the past's architectural genius with today's modern innovations. Introducing: The "Corinthian Lodge". This range isn't just another series of homes—it's a world steeped in history, drawing inspiration from classical and neoclassical designs.

Discover the Majesty of the Past...Today!

The "Corinthian Lodge Range" isn't just another series of homes—it's a world steeped in history, drawing inspiration from classical and neoclassical designs. But what do those buzzwords mean?

1. Classical Architecture: Originating from the civilizations of ancient Greece and Rome, this style captures the grandeur of temples, theatres, and public buildings from centuries past. Key elements include:

  • Columns: Especially the ornate Corinthian style, characterized by fluted columns and elaborate capitals.
  • Entablatures: Horizontal structures supported by columns, often showcasing detailed friezes.
  • Symmetry: A balanced, harmonious layout that speaks of poise and order.

2. Neoclassical Architecture: A revival of classical design, this emerged in the mid-18th century. It emphasizes simplicity, order, and proportion. Features include:

  • Simplified Classical Forms: Less ornate, but equally impressive.
  • Use of Triangular Pediments: Often over windows or entrances.
  • Domed Roofs: A symbol of grandeur and space.

The Corinthian Lodge Range - A Symphony of Styles

Garden Lodges: Dreaming of an elegant escape just steps from your home? Look no further! Our lodges, inspired by the serene beauty of neoclassical designs, are perfect for relaxation, hobbies, or even a chic home office. Imagine stepping into a space filled with light, framed by Corinthian columns, and crowned by a grand domed roof. It's not just a garden lodge; it's a timeless sanctuary.

Prefabricated Homes: The future of housing is here, and it looks...classic? Indeed! The Corinthian Lodge homes blend the ease and efficiency of modern prefabrication techniques with the grandeur of classical styles. Whether you're looking for a spacious villa with Roman influences or a cozy cottage with Grecian touches, this range offers something for every classical heart with a modern beat.

Why Choose The Corinthian Lodge Range?

Timeless Appeal: These designs never go out of style. They've been revered for millennia! Quick Construction: Enjoy the magic of classical architecture without the wait. Prefabrication means faster build times without compromising quality. Customisation: Tailor your home or lodge to your tastes. Mix and match elements from both architectural styles for a truly unique abode.

Reimagining New Build Houses with Neoclassical Flair

Ah, the neoclassical era—when art, literature, and especially architecture, were characterized by grandeur, symmetry, and a hefty nod to the classics. Neoclassical architecture, with its prominent pillars, detailed decorations, and grand facades, is a style that many homeowners dream of incorporating into their modern homes. But how do you integrate such grand, historical designs into new build houses? Let's delve into the world of neoclassicism and find out!

1. Know Your Pillars

The most iconic feature of neoclassical architecture? The majestic pillars. Here are the three classical orders to familiarize yourself with:

  • Doric: Short, sturdy, and fluted.
  • Ionic: Taller, slender, with a scroll-like design on top.
  • Corinthian: Even more slender, with an ornate floral design.

For a modern touch, consider half pillars against walls or smaller pillar replicas for internal room separations.

2. Embrace Symmetry

Neoclassical buildings are known for their balanced proportions. When designing your new home, ensure a harmonious distribution of windows, doors, and decorative elements. The central doorway might be flanked by identical windows, creating a pleasing rhythm to the eye.

3. Ornamentation with Moderation

While historical neoclassical buildings were rife with detailed ornamentation, you might choose a more minimalist approach for a new build. Focus on:

  • Pediments: The triangular upper part of the front of a building, typically present over entrances.
  • Cornices: The decorative molding on the top edges of walls.
  • Friezes: Horizontal bands, often decorated with sculptures or paintings.

4. Color and Material Choices

Soft, muted color palettes were a hallmark of the neoclassical era. Think off-whites, light grays, soft blues, and gentle yellows. For materials, stone and stucco were predominant. Modern homes might opt for stone veneer or faux-stucco finishes, which are more affordable and easier to maintain.

5. Interior Wisdom

The neoclassical spirit doesn't stop at the facade. Bring it indoors with:

  • High ceilings adorned with decorative moldings.
  • Tiled or wooden floors with classic patterns.
  • Furniture with neoclassical motifs: think chairs with scroll arms, claw-foot tables, and grand chandeliers.

6. Landscaping to Complement

Your house's surroundings can enhance its neoclassical charm. Opt for:

  • Formal gardens, symmetrically laid out.
  • Statues or fountains, reminiscent of Greek or Roman art.
  • Gravel pathways, bordered with trimmed hedges.

7. Modern Mix

While being true to neoclassical elements, don't shy away from blending in contemporary touches. This could mean large, modern windows between traditional pillars or a sleek, minimalist interior amidst neoclassical structural elements.

Recreating new build houses with neoclassical designs is a journey of passion, blending the magic of bygone eras with the conveniences of modern living. With the right design choices, you can immerse yourself in the grandeur of the past while enjoying all the comforts of the present. Let history inspire your future abode!

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