A Symphony in Rust: The Patina Garden Studio Range

Against the verdant backdrop of the British countryside, Habitat Mobile Homes Ltd unveils its latest creation – the 'Patina Garden Studio' range. This new line of prefabricated kit houses and mobile home kits is a bold foray into the architectural style known as "new brutalism," where the raw, industrial aesthetic is celebrated and reimagined into residential bliss.

The 'Patina Garden Studio' range is a design paradox that beautifully merges the industrial with the bucolic. It's an avant-garde series that draws on the raw textures and hues of rusted metals, offering a palette of colours that reflect the twilight of a British evening sky or the vibrant rust of autumn leaves. These homes are not just built; they are curated.

Industrial Chic Meets Countryside Retreat

The textures of the Patina Garden Studio homes are a tactile experience, with surfaces that tell a story of time and elements. The patinated walls are juxtaposed with the precision of sharp, clean edges, creating a visual dialogue that's both striking and inviting. Expansive sliding doors and glass walls serve not just as portals to the outside world, but as canvases for the dance of light and shadow that change throughout the day.

Uncompromising Design

In each Patina Garden Studio home, you'll find a meticulous attention to detail. From the selection of materials that age gracefully, to the inclusion of large, sliding doors that offer seamless indoor-outdoor living, no aspect is left unconsidered. The interior space, though defined by the industrial theme, is warm and adaptable to the personal tastes of its inhabitants.

Sustainable Innovation

True to the ethos of Habitat Mobile Homes Ltd, sustainability is at the core of the Patina Garden Studio range. The materials are not only durable and low-maintenance but are also sourced with an eye on reducing environmental impact. The kit houses are designed for efficiency, minimising waste during construction and maximising energy efficiency during their lifecycle.

British Craftsmanship

Proudly made in the UK, each kit is a testament to British craftsmanship. The homes are designed to be assembled with ease, ensuring that the journey from concept to construction is as smooth as the glide of the sliding doors that adorn these structures.

The Patina Garden Studio Experience

Owning a home from this range means embracing a lifestyle choice where design is not just seen but felt. It's an invitation to those who appreciate architecture as art and who seek to live in spaces that inspire and invigorate. These homes are not just places to live; they are spaces to experience life in all its aesthetic glory.

When it comes to siting mobile homes in gardens, there are several common questions that homeowners and potential buyers often ask:

  1. Do I need planning permission to place a mobile home in my garden?
    • This is one of the most frequent questions. Generally, if the mobile home is used in a manner incidental to the main dwelling (for example, as additional living space for family members), planning permission may not be required. However, if it's intended as a separate dwelling, planning permission is typically necessary.
  2. What constitutes a 'mobile home' for planning purposes?
    • A mobile home is defined legally under the Caravan Sites and Control of Development Act 1960 and the Mobile Homes Act 2013. It must be movable in one or two sections and meet specific size requirements.
  3. Can a mobile home be used as a permanent residence?
    • This depends on the local planning authority's interpretation, but usually, a mobile home within a garden is for ancillary use and not as a primary or separate dwelling without the correct permissions.
  4. How long can a mobile home be placed in a garden?
    • If it's used incidentally to the house and does not require planning permission, it can remain as long as it maintains its status and use related to the main dwelling.
  5. What are the size limitations for a mobile home in a garden?
    • The size of the mobile home should be proportionate to the size of the garden and the main dwelling. It can be any size under the mobile homes act which is 20 x 6.8 m maximum, but it must be under the square meterage footprint of the house in order to be deemed incidental.
  6. How does a mobile home in a garden affect my council tax?
    • If the mobile home is used as an annex to the main house, it might not affect your council tax, but if it's used as a separate dwelling, it could be assessed independently.
  7. What utilities and services can I connect to a mobile home?
    • Generally, you can connect water, electricity, gas, and sewage to a mobile home, but it's important to ensure these connections comply with local building regulations and standards.