Defying Gravity: The WHITEWASH-Cantilever Mobile Home Range

Introducing the WHITEWASH-Cantilever Mobile Home range, an architectural marvel from Habitat Mobile Homes that promises to redefine the landscape of prefabricated living. With cantilevered decks, roofs, and floors, this range makes a bold statement, merging iconic design with the clean, serene aesthetic of whitewashed cladding and sleek aluminium sheet finishes.

The WHITEWASH-Cantilever series stands as a testament to the possibilities of modern engineering and design. The cantilever, a feature that evokes the feeling of suspension and balance, allows these homes to extend over beautiful landscapes, providing unparalleled views and experiences.

Iconic Shapes, Timeless Design

Each structure in this range is carefully crafted, featuring unique geometric shapes that combine to create a sense of timeless beauty. The minimalist whitewashed cladding reflects the purity of contemporary design, while the aluminum sheeting adds a touch of industrial chic.

Harmony with the Environment

These mobile homes are designed to harmonize with their surroundings. The cantilevered sections offer shelter and space for outdoor living, while the whitewashed exteriors blend seamlessly with a variety of landscapes, from coastal dunes to rural meadows.

Bespoke Interiors for Modern Living

Inside, the WHITEWASH-Cantilever homes boast interiors that cater to a minimalist lifestyle without compromising on comfort and functionality. The spaces are thoughtfully arranged to maximize light and views, creating a tranquil and uplifting living environment.

Sustainability and Efficiency

As with all Habitat Mobile Homes offerings, sustainability is key. The materials used in the WHITEWASH-Cantilever range are chosen for their durability and environmental credentials, and the homes are designed to be energy-efficient, reducing the carbon footprint of the dwellings.

A Vision of the Future, Available Today

The WHITEWASH-Cantilever range is more than just a housing solution; it's a vision of the future made accessible today. These homes are perfect for those seeking a distinctive and dynamic living space that stands out from the traditional housing market.

When it comes to mobile homes and static caravans in the UK, here are some of the top questions people often ask, along with their answers:

  1. What is the difference between a mobile home and a static caravan?
    • A mobile home is designed for permanent residence and is often larger and more akin to a traditional house in terms of amenities and comforts. A static caravan is typically used for holiday accommodation and may not be as fully equipped for year-round living.
  2. Can I live in a static caravan all year round?
    • This depends on the licensing of the caravan park. Some parks are licensed for holiday use only, which means you can't live there permanently. Others may have a full residential license, allowing year-round occupation.
  3. Do I need planning permission to put a mobile home or static caravan on my land?
    • Yes, you generally need planning permission to place a static caravan or mobile home on land for residential use. However, if the caravan is used in connection with the main house (e.g., for family members), it may fall under permitted development.
  4. Are mobile homes and static caravans subject to council tax?
    • Yes, if a mobile home or static caravan is your main residence, it's subject to council tax. However, the rate may be different from traditional homes and can depend on the specific circumstances and local council policies.
  5. What are the rules regarding utilities for mobile homes and static caravans?
    • Mobile homes and static caravans can be connected to water, electricity, gas, and sewage. You must comply with local regulations for connections, which may involve obtaining further permissions or meeting certain safety standards.
  6. Can I finance a mobile home or static caravan purchase?
    • Yes, there are finance options available specifically for mobile homes and static caravans. It's best to shop around and compare rates from different lenders who specialize in this type of property.
  7. What's the typical lifespan of a mobile home or static caravan?
    • With proper maintenance, a mobile home can last decades, while a static caravan can last around 10 to 20 years. The lifespan can vary greatly depending on the build quality, materials, and weather exposure.
  8. How is insurance for mobile homes and static caravans handled?
    • Insurance is available and recommended for both mobile homes and static caravans. It can cover a range of risks including damage, theft, and sometimes content coverage. It's important to get a policy that matches the specific use of the home.
  9. What restrictions are there on the design and size of mobile homes and static caravans?
    • Design and size can be subject to local planning guidelines, park rules, and transportation limitations. Generally, they must be capable of being moved in one or two sections on public roads. The max size is 20 meters long and 6.8 meters wide.
  10. How does the resale value of mobile homes and static caravans compare to traditional homes?
    • The resale value of mobile homes and static caravans typically depreciates over time, unlike traditional brick-and-mortar homes which may appreciate. The value can be influenced by the condition of the home, its location, and the demand within the market.

Here are 10 UK companies that supply timber cladding:

  1. BrookClad
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    • Website: www.uktimbercladding.com
  2. NORclad
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  3. Russwood
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  4. Vastern Timber
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  5. Vincent Timber
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  6. Glenalmond Timber
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  7. Duffield Timber
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  8. Silva Timber
    • Suppliers of exterior and interior timber cladding with a variety of products. Note: As of the last update, the company entered administration, so availability may vary.
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  9. The Larch Cladding Company
    • Specializes in bespoke timber designs, offering high-quality custom cuts with eco-friendly Welsh larch cladding.
    • Website: thelarchcladdingcompany.co.uk
  10. EcoChoice
    • Offers timber cladding as a warm, natural alternative to brick that is robust, safe, flexible, and sustainable.
    • Website: ecochoice.co.uk